About us


Colour Spray Institute Every year 2 million people are entering into the job market in Bangladesh. Govt. can accommodate only 5 percent from these unemployed people. Another arena in Bangladesh is youth. 45 percent of our population, between ages 15 to 35, is now youth. So it’s a big opportunity and challenges for Bangladesh to utilize this manpower. And, here the big question always is skilled and efficient manpower to earn livelihood with expected jobs or business.

To get a job or do something with own initiative is very difficult for a new comer because of not having technical and professional skills that needs in modern technological era. Realizing the issue with research and analysis, Colour Spray Institute has started its journey in 2013. We have been working to prepare youth and professionals with the skills they need in a competitive business and professional environment.

Colour Spray Institute focuses on developing professional Human Resources that needs Bangladesh to be a middle income and develop country. We are ensuring knowledge, skill and attitude through practical and academic knowledge.






A Bangladesh without unemployment in which every person can earn their Livelihood with dignity






To work for the youth to eradicate unemployment



JC Group’s sister concern RAIKHIC started its printing and packaging business in July, 2009. In November, 2010, it’s another sister concern Colour Spray started IT business. Colour Spray Institute and vshopbd.com founded in january, 2012. And JESAJ Communications stared work as ad agency in July 2012. Now, 20 july, 2012, 4 Business Company and an Institute have stared business under JC Group.

Sister concern of JC Group:

• JESAJ Communication Ltd.
• COLOUR SPRAY Institute.
• RAIKHIC Printing and Packaging Ltd.

JC Group’s ceaseless efforts with dynamic management and support from our numerous clients have led our Group in diversifying its business activities. In the first phase, the Group went into printing, packaging and designing business. In the second phase, group started Creative design, outsourcing, website domain hosting and online design service business. In the third phase, the group initiated online product business and made an institute to increase technical skill of the young people.

The Group has plans for setting up more projects. We are looking forward to working with foreign investors to create more jobs and to contribute more in Bangladesh Economy.

JC Group also involves in socio-cultural activities. It has been organizing many activities to empower the young people of the Country.


Do business, as a means to the social wellbeing of the investors, employees and the society at large, leading to increase of wealth through financial and moral gains as a part of the process of the human civilization.


Produce quality and innovative products, maintain stringently ethical standard in business operation also ensuring benefit to the shareholders, stakeholders and the society at large.